Congratulations, Rusty

I became the Spiritual Life Director at Helping Up Mission in 2000. My responsibilities focused on making the Bible relevant to the guys in our program. 
After a few years here, I decided I needed to better understand the Biblical basis of the 12 Steps. I did so, and it became a powerful spiritual tool for my own personal walk, as well as an effective tool in my ministry at church.
Consequently, almost 5 years ago, I began a 12 Step recovery group at my church in Frederick County. I taught the things I had learned about the Steps in my ministry here at Helping Up Mission.  
The first night of our recovery group (“Recovery for a Lifetime”), Rusty and Jerry both attended. Jerry had been sober from alcohol 4 years and Rusty about 6 months. Both bought into the Biblical basis of the Steps and incorporated it into their AA programs.
Later, each became small group leaders for us, but Rusty’s work eventually took him out of state. He took his recovery with him and God has honored his ongoing efforts. Last weekend, 5 years later, I officiated at Rusty’s wedding at the Antrim Inn in Taneytown.
It was just a small gathering: Rusty and his bride, Jerry and his wife, the bride’s two children and my wife and I.  What a special evening. Rusty was so grateful for all God is doing in his life and it was an honor to just have a part. This spiritual recovery stuff sure does work.
Congratulations, my friend!
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director