Biblical Archaeology and Spiritual Recovery Part 2

At my recent archaeological meetings in San Francisco, one of the participants mentioned his appreciation for the presentations.  But he added, “I have spoken at places where people actually raised their hands and asked, ‘what is the Exodus?’”

His point was that, while he and I get to hear all the latest research on issues that illuminate the Bible, the average person on the street doesn’t have that opportunity. The same is probably also true for the average church person, as well.

There is a lot of great information out there that would have real meaning to many, if they just had an opportunity to hear it. That’s one of the reasons I appreciate my job here at Helping Up Mission.

When I got back from those meetings, one of the new guys said he heard that I was an archaeologist and wondered if I had ever found anything interesting. As everyone around here knows, I think Biblical archaeology and spiritual recovery go hand-in-hand! So, when I had to cover an extra class with the new guys, I shared about my dig in Jordan and the implications it can have in their lives. 

After class, another new guy came up to talk. He said he had never been religious, but since being here a few weeks, something seems to be happening inside of him. That day, hearing how archaeology relates to the Bible and his life, he really got fired up. I assured him that, if he just stays around, he will get all the archaeology and Bible he can stand!

I know how this works, because it is the same thing that happened to me years ago. When I found out how archaeology illuminates the Bible, I got excited about the Bible – and it hasn’t worn off over these last 40 years. That Book has changed my life and God has used archaeology to help me understand it better and pass it on to others. 

One Great Truth at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director