Josh is a twentysomething and arrived at HUM just before the Labor Day weekend. He has been struggling with addiction since his early teens and had already been in a number of detox and rehab programs. Josh had actually considered coming here before, but the idea of a year- long program kept him out there.
So, after losing his family, job, apartment and car, Josh finally showed up. While we keep guys busy during the week, I admit that weekends here are pretty laid back. And with a reduced-schedule Labor Day Monday added on, Josh was sure he wouldn’t make it through the month, let alone a whole year.
But the weekend passed and he developed relationships with other guys in the program and got comfortable with his new surroundings. Then Josh got off restriction and began walking to 12 Step meetings in the community.
Next, Josh began taking the bus to meetings outside the city, back where he used to live, and he got involved. Today Josh says, “Now people drive down here to pick me up and take me to meetings.”
Shortly, Josh is eligible to go back to work and he says, “The time has passed pretty quickly and my old job wants me back.” So shortly he will begin that transition back into the community while still a residential member of our Spiritual Recovery Program.
Josh likes the way his program is working. First he was on restriction to focus on his own issues. Then he began to go out and establish his recovery network. Now he is ready to go back to work and within the next year he can begin to think about getting his own place again. One day at a time, one step at a time is working just fine for Josh.
One step at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director