Crazy Old Uncle Floyd!

Our Helping Up Mission family is just like every other family, we just have a few more crazy old uncles than most! But, like most people who come and hang out around here with us, I really love the place and the guys who live here. 

This morning Floyd stopped by to talk. He never had much of a spiritual interest over the years, but he opened up to spiritual things after he got here.  One day at lunch, he was at the head of the line and was asked to give thanks for the food before we started serving.  He said he wanted to say no, and yet felt like he should. So he stumbled through a short prayer and felt pretty good about doing it.

But Floyd didn’t want to have to do that again, so he decided to be a little farther back in the line, so he wouldn’t get asked to pray again. But one day there was a group of volunteers serving and they asked for someone to pray. Sometimes the  volunteers ask the blessing on the meal – Raven’s Coach Harbaugh did when he and his family came to serve dinner one evening – but that lunchtime meal, no one spoke up. Floyd’s spirit said to him, “pray!”  So, again, while still not wanting to do so, he led in another public prayer. 

These days, they regularly ask Floyd to pray and, for him, it is a spiritual step of faith and obedience. Now he reads his Bible and has his own personal prayer time. Floyd is experiencing a spiritual transformation and enjoying it. I love my job.

One prayer at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director