Keep it Moving

Every year we graduate some 100 guys from our 12 month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. While many continue to live here on campus after graduation, some move on to live elsewhere. And while many of them stay connected with us, I am not always in the loop. 

Jason is one of those guys. He graduated from here in 2009, was working in the city and moved off campus into his own place. This week Jason and I caught up with what is going on in his life.  First thing he told me is that he is getting married in the Fall. Congrats Jason! We also talked about the stress he has on the job (imagine that – a job with stress).

Then Jason shared about his work with Fiona, a Pit bull rescue dog from a fighting/drug ring here in the city.  Fiona needs lots of love and care, so Jason is pretty involved in getting her training and socialization to overcome her PTSD. Consequently he is also working with the local Pit bull rescue group – the folks who saved Fiona ( 

Then we also talked about some other alumni, in this case one who had passed away and another in a long-care nursing facility. It is so wonderful to hear his heart of concern and interest in helping others. I am happy for Jason and proud of his continued recovery.

It keeps on working,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director