Cindy and Bob

Last week I met Cindy, who has been connected with Helping Up Mission since 1965 – that was before I was born! Well not exactly, but it was before I graduated from Oxon Hill High School in PG County and before I became a believer.
It was also before Helping Up Mission had a long-term Spiritual Recovery Program and before Executive Director Bob Gehman arrived. Cindy was even be pre-Popeye around here!

Anyway, back in 1965, Cindy was a nurse. In trying to help a homeless man get services, she found HUM. It was just the old 1029 East Baltimore Street building and we only had an overnight program for men then.

Somehow, Cindy fell in love with what we were doing here and began to support us financially. I can’t remember when she said she last visited our facility, but yesterday, she and her husband Bob stopped by. They had a bunch of clothes and other items from her church, St. John’s Lutheran Church Sweet Air.

Cindy wanted a quick tour of the whole campus and got choked up with emotion at God’s goodness to her, HUM, and the men we both care about. It was wonderful for me to get to meet her and Bob.

There are so many special people behind the scenes who do their part to make Helping Up Mission what it is. Thanks Cindy and Bob. And thanks to all of you – whether you have been supporting us for 47 years or just 47 hours. You are making a difference.

                                         Popeye and his new best friend, Ray Rice

One friend at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director