The Class of 2012

Yesterday, at Martin’s West, we celebrated the graduation of some 100 members of our Helping Up Mission Spiritual Recovery Program.  While we typically had a couple of guys complete their 365 days  of our program each week this past year, they all come together for one big walk across the stage at Martin’s West every spring – this year the Class of 2012. 

They were handed their diplomas by Senator Frank Kelly, a long-time friend and supporter of our work.  To the graduates and about 1400 of their best friends, Senator Kelly also shared his own story of recovery from alcohol and his personal faith walk with Jesus Christ.

His life was a reminder of how addiction can affect anyone.  He also stands as an example of how things can turn out for any of our graduates.  The Senator’s words encouraged everyone in the room.

Our band and choir performed with enthusiasm, some guys shared their stories live and by way of video, we had a couple of dramatic presentations and the chocolate cake desserts were wonderful.  What a great day.

Many people helped us yesterday at Martin’s West.  Many more invested considerable time in preparation during the weeks prior.  It looked to me like their efforts paid off. 

Thanks to all of you who helped make this day possible.  Thanks to all of you who attended the event.  Thanks to all of you who financially supported our efforts.  And thank you, LORD, for working in all our lives.

One graduation at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director