One day last week I left our Graduation Banquet choir practice to Mike Rallo and went to speak at Perry Hall Christian School chapel.  There was a room full of elementary school students, some of whom I had met before.  They invite me to speak to the students as a Biblical archaeologist who digs in the Holy Land. 

I feel a calling to do lots of things.  I feel called to do archaeology; I feel called to be at Helping Up Mission; I feel called to present the Biblical principles behind the 12 Steps to the Christian community; and I feel called to invest in the lives of kids. 

Archaeology has always been a fascination of mine.  As a kid, meeting an archaeologist who connected it to the Bible would have had a profound impact on my life.  I feel called to be that guy in the lives of other kids – and college students and moms and dads and grandparents!

I also thank God for the adults who invested in my life in those formative years.  Most of them that I remember today were people at church.  Thanks to all of them and all of you out there who do likewise. 

One child at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director