The Gambler

NCAA March Madness is over. We did tournament brackets here, with both staff and clients playing. This year Brian, Anthony and Kevin finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Program Director Tom Bond also tied for 1st but only got a handshake.   

Admittedly, I got too busy to get my bracket in but I didn’t have a team to cheer for. I’m a graduate of Liberty University and they have been to the big dance twice as winners of their Big South Conference (I actually played for them in 1971, their very first year!). In recent decades I have been a University of Maryland fan, and when they aren’t in, I cheer for anyone playing Duke! This year I would have been a “homer” with Loyola University of Maryland and Coach Jimmy Patsos.

Because of our tournament brackets, I have been accused of gambling here at Helping Up Mission. But none of the guys put in any money – they can’t lose, only win. Staff can’t win (except bragging rights!) and even have to help put up some of the prize money. It’s just part of their “giving back.” BTW, Brian took his winnings and bought pizza for the guys who work with him.  

As far as gambling, I do have that problem. Every day I drive over 50 miles each way along I-70, I-695, I-95 and I-395. Then it really gets dangerous – I arrive in the inner city!

One Season at a Time,
Gambler Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director