Recovery For a Lifetime

Five years ago this month my wife and I began a recovery group at our home church. Called Recovery for a Lifetime, we simply applied principles developed here at Helping Up Mission with church people and the community in Frederick County.

A couple of years ago at our group my longtime friend, Butch, took some major spiritual steps. About the same time, Mike and Dan showed up, both in recovery from alcohol abuse. We all worked on our own issues and helped each other with theirs.

Mike and Danny eventually wound up at Helping Up Mission. Both graduated last year and still live here in graduate housing. Today Mike works with us as a graduate intern and is in college studying physical therapy. Dan works for Business Interface, one of our community partners. Butch became a mentor here for our guys (including Mike and Dan), and he leads a Waterboyz table at Helping Up Mission.

Last week at our Tuesday night group, Butch shared his story. Mike and Danny came from Baltimore to support him. I have to admit I felt like a proud papa. I am so excited about Butch’s spiritual growth and was so pleased to introduce Mike and Danny to the new guys in our group. God can do for them what He has done for these two.    

Recovery from whatever our issues is for a lifetime. We work at it for a lifetime – one day at a time – and it works for a lifetime. It’s working for me and a bunch of my friends. It will also work for you and yours.   

One life and day at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director