God, Grant Me the Serenity

Edward is an alcoholic.  He has been here before, and I got to know him pretty well.  A smart, capable guy, Edward worked himself into some important supervisory duties in his job on campus.  Things he did made a difference in other guy’s lives here.

In fact, when eligible to go to work, Edward found a good job making good money.  But he did what Edward is used to doing, and began drinking again.  Before long, he lost everything, again.   

He came back here almost 7 months ago.  Beat down pretty good, Edward was quite humbled.  But it seemed to me that I was talking to a different guy this time.  He has settled in and is again utilizing his skills and helping other guys in the program. 

I saw Edward yesterday and he told me that he was leaving in about an hour to serve a 60-day sentence in the Harford County Detention Center.  During his last run he got arrested and last week went to court, was convicted and sentenced.

So, yesterday was pretty amazing.  Edward’s attitude, words and even facial expressions communicated so clearly that he understood he did the crime and now needed to serve the time – and God was in total control.  I heard it in his words, but could see it on his face.  I actually believed that he really believed it! 

If there is a God who really does grant us the serenity we need when we need it, this is what it looks like.  Of course, I know it is true because I have experienced it, myself, but I saw it in Edward’s face yesterday, too. 

I also know Edward would appreciate your prayers, if you feel so inclined. 

Living One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director