Mother’s Day 2012

Mother’s Day is often a difficult time here at Helping Up Mission.  Many guys don’t have their mother around anymore.  Two of the guys in class mentioned this was the first Mother’s Day without mom and it was difficult. 

Other guys who are still on restriction here have their mothers around but won’t be able to go and see them yet.  Sadly, there are also a few guys whose mothers are also still around, but their upbringing was so painful the guys don’t want to even see them right now.  

I am very fortunate.  I have three special ladies in my life – all three are still talking to me and we were all together this weekend.

My mother is 86 and I speak with her on the phone almost every day.  She texts me in the morning and lets me know she is up and I call her on my way to work. 

This weekend, my daughter Andrea, the second special lady in my life flew in from CA and joined us Saturday for a family gathering on my wife’s side.  Then, Andrea’s presence was the real treat for my mom and dad when we celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Gayle, the third special lady in my life, has been my wife for almost 37 years.  She wanted to go to the MPT-sponsored Doo-Wop concert at the Meyerhoff, so you know what else I did on Saturday.  It was good, but what I liked best was seeing how much she enjoyed herself. 

I know you had a mother.  I hope you can appreciate her and even have the chance to tell here so.  If she isn’t around – go ahead and adopt another one.  My buddy Butch has adopted my mom and she treats him almost as good as she treats me!

Appreciating today,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director