Daily Prayer Sheet

I believe in prayer. I have experienced answered prayer. So, it is my privilege to pray for anything that guys at Helping Up Mission want me to pray about with them.
This past weekend, the mother of one of our graduates died and, this week, one of our guys passed away in the hospital. While we commit those who have died into God’s hands, we focus our prayers on their loved ones who continue struggling with their passing. We also pray for guys going to court – 3 this week that I know – as well as those who are incarcerated – 2 received relatively light sentences this month and another just returned.
Of course, we pray for men and women in our Armed Forces stationed around the world and we remember folks who support Helping Up Mission – especially those going through tough times right now.
Last spring, Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts – who, with his wife Diana, have been wonderful friends of HUM – asked us to pray for his physical health and spiritual walk through this tough time. We have been praying for over a year.
So when I heard he played Tuesday night and went 3 for 4, I thought I deserved a little credit for such good prayers! Of course, I know better, and the guys quickly put me in my place.
Just for the record, we are equal opportunity prayers. Ravens offensive coach Craig Ver Steeg was here earlier this spring and spoke to the guys about his spiritual walk and invited up to pray for the Ravens, also. He didn’t mention wins or loses, just that they would be the men they were supposed to be and that the believers on the team would represent their LORD well.
We pray here and we thank you for yours.
One Prayer at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director