Quiet Warrior

I first met Ronald when he arrived at Helping Up Mission in 2009.  He was an alcoholic and when he was drinking, he went at it hard.  Sadly, years of addiction left him in poor health and he was struggling with severe liver problems when he arrived.  Ronald stayed for 10 months, but left before graduation.  He had virtually zero clean time after leaving here.
Ronald returned to HUM last year and, to no one’s surprise his medical condition had worsened.  While here, his responsibilities involved driving guys to their appointments all over the city and he functioned pretty well.  But eventually Ronald began to develop kidney trouble, as well.  We tend to average 2 graduates from our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program per week.  As is our tradition, we recognize each one at the end of their 52nd week and Ronald’s day was May 18th.  Unfortunately, he didn’t feel well and went to bed.  Ronald never really got up again. We took him to the hospital and this week Ronald passed from this life to the next. 
We had been holding his graduation certificate, hoping he would return and we could present it to him personally.  In chapel today, we officially presented it and committed our brother into God’s special care.  A cantankerous old drunk, he quieted down once he got clean.  Ronald made some important spiritual commitments while here and I believe he is with the LORD.  No more struggles with alcohol, liver, kidneys or any other life issue. 

God is Good, All the Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director