“HUM” by Ed O.

There are lots of guys here who have all kinds of talents – athletics, academics, music, art, poetry.  Ed has been writing for 20 years and this week wrote a new one about us.  Read it in chapel today and thought you might enjoy it:

Helping Up Mission

I was walking down the street 

With my head hung low
Feeling pretty bad with no where to go
Looking down at my feet, with death on my face
Not a dime in my pockets, a lost soul with no place
The heat of the day started to slay me again
The bottle in my pocket seemed my only friend
But just like the others, it soon too was gone
How much longer Lord can I carry this on?
I tremble and I shake as my withdrawals soon near
In search of my next fix, Wine, Whiskey or Beer.
I curl up in the grass as I find a bit of shade
My mind wanders off as my consciousness begins to fade.
I’m suddenly woken by a hand, heavy shake
As a strangers voice says, Hey buddy give your self a break
I stumble to my feet and look this man in the eye
He said I know a great place, want to give it a try?

I shook my head in unbelief, did someone actually care
I’ve hit the bottom of the barrel I said, Just show me where
So he led me around the corner, down on E. Baltimore St
Walked me into a cool building and saved me from the heat.
He sat me in a chair and quickly walked away
I sat there by myself so I started to pray
I looked up at this cross that seemed to call my name
I read about the desperate men, who here before me came.
I stood up in the lobby and gazed upon the wall
I heard Helping Up Mission as someone answered a call
I swung around quickly and found a smiling face.
An outstretched hand saying Welcome to this place.
I lowered my head as I humbly replied
I don’t know where I am but I’ll give it a try
He led me to a room and said make yourself at home
You’re at the Helping Up Mission sir; you don’t have to do this alone.
I suddenly broke down as the tears began to fall
Drinking has taken everything; I have nothing left at all
He looked me in the eye and placed a hand upon my cheek
A tear rolled down his face as he started to speak.
I came here long ago with no hope left in life
I lost my faith, I lost my house, I even lost my wife
Hooked on drugs, I lost my freedom and ended up in prison.
Now my life is new today since God led me to the Helping Up Mission.

Months have passed by since that desperate day

I still look up at the cross and I silently pray
Thank you Dear God for each man in this place
For meeting each need and the mountains we face
No matter the man or his desperate condition,
You will always find HOPE at…….

Ed O.