Shawn and Bluey Kool

UPDATE: Bluey Kool is now available at!

Shawn’s father, who just passed away (see my last blog), was an internationally recognized martial arts expert for over 40 years.  Unfortunately, after his parents divorced when he was 12, father and son spent minimal time together over the next 30 years.
Shawn always admired his dad and they were reunited when he was 29.  Dad opened his first kung-fu school in Cleveland and Shawn painted murals on the school’s walls.  Then others hired him to paint for them, too, and he started making his living by painting.  Unfortunately, he spent it all on his cocaine habit.

Shawn’s addiction kept him on the move and he went from state to state taking any job he could find – cook, pet store clerk, carpenter, security guard, printer, and cashier.  But, in the midst of all his personal chaos, he found drawing to be the one thing that best helped relieve his inner pain.

He arrived at Helping Up Mission almost 10 months ago.  After 25 years of addiction, 12 years living homeless, and a number of rehab programs Shawn wanted to change.

At almost the same time, a CA businessman who knewShawn the artist finally tracked him down and contacted him here.  They began to plan a project together.  At HUM, a Baltimore businesswoman saw his work and helped him develop contacts locally. 

Together they formed a corporation and Shawn began to write Bluey Kool and the Molehill Gang comic book series – the story of a homeless crack addict who becomes a superhero.

While a bit of Bluey Kool comes from Shawn’s own story, he doesn’t see himself as a superhero.  But he does see himself as blessed and believes he has the responsibility to give back and pass it on. 

Only One Real Superhero and we serve Him,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director