“I had a great weekend, I had a terrible weekend”

Sean’s father died over the weekend. I didn’t know that when I asked how his weekend went. He said, “I had a great weekend, I had a terrible weekend.”  I asked what that meant and he told me.

It was terrible because the death was sudden and a surprise.  It was great because Sean was at Helping Up Mission and has been clean over 9 months…his dad reconnected in recent months, sharing his love and pride at  his son’s new life…that same weekend God already had hooked Sean up with a whole new loving and caring family who had already planned his surprise 45th birthday party for the next day!

While he felt profound sadness that his father had passed, it was clear to Sean that God has been directing things in his life since he surrended to His plan and arrived at Helping Up Mission.  He found a new best friend here, whose family adopted Sean as one of their own.  Through them Sean met Jen – now his girlfriend – and her family accepted Sean into their circle, as well.

Then there was his career.  God had given Sean a gift as an artist, which he had always squandered in his addiction.  Now clean, God gave him a vision and a team to fulfill it. It has resulted in a business plan, corporation, foundation and ministry.

All this in 9 months – it was a terrible weekend, but it was a great weekend.  And the best is yet to come.

One Changed Life at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director