July 4, 2012

Today we celebrate our independence as a nation.  I hope it is a great time for you and yours, but also hope you take a moment to think about the meaning of this day.    

At HUM we are having our annual July 4th cookout. The guys pull out the grills and cook all kind of good stuff. We invited our alumni to come back and join us, as well.

This evening, in the chapel, we have a special concert program, as well. Then the day will end with a great view of the Inner Harbor’s fireworks from our roof! This is a nice way to celebrate our national holiday – especially for guys still on restriction to the campus.

While we live in a country with political and religious freedom, men at Helping Up Mission still struggle with freedom from drugs and alcohol. The good news is that such freedom and independence is available to all by faith in Jesus Christ (John 8:36). Pray for each one to experience it personally. 

Happy Fourth of July under God in Christ,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director