Shine On!

Once again, the wonderful talents and skills of the men of Helping Up Mission shine for others to see. Artwork created by HUM guys is regularly on display across our campus and is always a point of interest for visitors. But last week, for the second time in three years, artwork created by our men was put on displayed at Susquehenna Bank in Hunt Valley.

Nine guys contributed twenty-five pieces ranging from pen and ink to paint to sculpture. Each artist is associated with our Spiritual Recovery Program: 4 are underclassmen, 2 are alumni and 3 are staff (also graduates of our program).

In addition, over the past few years the Homeless Persons Representation Project in Baltimore has purchased a number of pieces created by HUM artists and given them away as awards to their Outstanding Volunteers. This spring, seven city lawyers, doctors and other volunteers were honored for their service and received art work created by a talented member of the Spiritual Recovery Program at Helping Up Mission.

When clean and focused, we sure can do some good stuff!

One Masterpiece at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

PS There are 2 other “artists” deserving special recognition.  Carole McQuay and her husband Dave did all the behind the scenes work to get every piece matted, framed and ready for display. If there was no art there would be no display. If Carole and Dave didn’t coordinate everything, it wouldn’t have happened, either.  Thanks to you both!