A Raven Hangout

Last Wednesday, Craig Ver Steeg, Senior Offensive Assistant Coach of the Baltimore Ravens called me and said he had  a couple of hours free on Thursday afternoon before that night’s Ravens preseason home game.  He asked if he could come to Helping Up Mission and hang out!

Of course, I said yes!  Imagine that, an NFL coach wants to come to your place and hang out with you before a game!  Wahoo, wahoo!!

But, then I realized that he didn’t mean come out with “you” (singular) but “you” (plural).  Coach Craig was not saying he wanted to come and hang with PG (Pastor Gary to my peeps), but with the guys of Helping Up Mission!  A blow to my pride…but a real cool thing to for him to do.  And, after all, at least he did call me!

So I set up a plenary group meeting and all the guys got to hear Craig share his story and a good word from his quiet-time that morning.  A bunch then spent additional time just hanging out with him (what Coach really wanted to do, anyway!).

God is good, all the time – all the time, God is good.
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director