40 Years Ago in LA

I spend a long weekend in Los Angeles with my son, Tim.  We had a father-son weekend here last year – on my birthday and we hiked to the Hollywood sign together!  This year it is my daughter’s birthday – happy birthday, Andrea!  I suppose I should be with her this weekend, but I did send a card and a check!

Anyway, I got up early, heading out for a cup of coffee at a nearby shop wearing my dig parachute pants, LA Dodgers polo-short and sandals – not my normal attire.  It reminded me of another visit I made here 40 years ago.

As a member of the LBC Chorale (Liberty Baptist College – now Liberty University) traveling musical team, we sang every week on the nationally televised “Old Time Gospel Hour.”  We also spent that summer touring CA – singing, sharing our faith and promoting the college.  It was my first time in LA and I was stoked.  The 8 of us 20-year old guys got off our tour bus in our tanktops, shorts and sandals and headed to a nearby deli.

We were a bit rowdy – spent lots of time on that bus – but not at all inappropriate.  One of the ladies behind the counter said, “I know who you guys are.”  While we were a good-looking bunch of young guys (!), I was pretty sure she wasn’t confusing us with any actors or famous musicians.  After all, we were from Lynchburg, VA over 2,500 miles away.

“l watch you on television every week,” she continued, “you are those singers on that church show.”  Busted!  Somehow this lady in LA recognized us wanna-be beach boys from that weekly singing appearance!

It was a great lesson for this young man committed to ministry – just know that somebody is always watching and knows who you are!  Oh yeah, God is watching, too!
One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director