CW at the HUM

Chris W arrived at Helping Up Mission an orphan at age 22, already with years in active addiction.  His job here was as my Chaplain’s Assistant.  He accepted responsibilities and developed a new skill set. 

Chris began to understand that others saw things in him that he couldn’t see in himself and he began to feel some hope.  Graduating our Program in 2007, he joined our staff.  Chris felt he had a good life with good prospects for the future.

But, while clean, he did not actively work on a recovery lifestyle.  Still a young guy, Chris began making choices which led to using again and life quickly spun out of control. 

A recovery friend from his past invited Chris to Florida – if he really wanted help.  Drug sick, because he stopped using, Chris made his first real Step 1 commitment on that 20+ hour bus trip south.  His life was out of control and he knew he was powerless. 

His friend and husband helped Chris connect to 12 Step groups, a job and housing.  Staying clean, he began working with a sponsor and started to recognize what he calls “little God shots” in his life.  Slowly, he came to understand that God was doing for him what he could not do for himself – genuine Step 2 stuff.

It’s been over 2 years now and Chris continues working with his sponsor – and sponsors other guys, himself!  Feeling called to help others, he enjoys his job  as intake coordinator at a detox facility in Florida. 

Most recently, Chris came to Maryland to face two separate warrants he’s been avoiding for years.  Hearing everything, the judge and prosecutor decided to throw both cases out!  A pretty big “God shot” if you ask me! 

One Shot at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director