Barry & Joan’s Wedding – A Family Affair

On Sunday it was my privilege to officiate at the wedding of HUM graduate staff member Barry and his new wife Joan at the first wedding since our campus chapel was renovated.  It was a HUM family affair.

Dave, another HUM graduate staff member created a PPT of photos and music that played prior to the service beginning.  HUM program member and musician, Chip, and HUM mentor, Butch, provided music for the ceremony.  Because the event was on campus, our security and front desk guys along with housekeeping staff kept things moving along nicely.  A number of HUM program members also sat in for the ceremony, as well. 

Barry’s Pastor Todd officiated with me and Barry’s coworkers Jon and Frank (married 2 weeks ago, himself, and still happy about it!) were ushers.  Barry’s mentor, Mark, who he met here, was also in attendance with his wife.  I also think most of Team Helping Up Mission Baltimore (THUMB) and the local staff of Back on My Feet (whose Baltimore office is located on our campus) also showed up. 

While Barry and Joan both have their own families – Barry’s mom was there and Joan’s 81 year old nephew (!) gave her away – they are both part of our family, too.  Congratulations to you guys.

One Wedding at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

PS  Joan would want you to know that her 81 year old nephew is old enough to be her father!
PSS  On Saturday, HUM alum Jason also got married – congrats, guys.
PPSS  Next week, BoMF’s Jackie gets married, too!  Must be something in the water around here.