Super Bowl in Jordan

Super Bowl Sunday 2013 was actually Monday morning in Jordan, where my Ravens fan wife, Gayle, and I were this year. Eight hours ahead, I woke up at 3AM and tried every channel on the television to get the game – but to no avail.

Went back to bed and got up with the alarm at 6AM, figuring the game would be over and I could at least get the final score. On CNN International I learned about the blackout and that the game wasn’t over.

The announcer said he was from New Orleans and wanted the Ravens to win, so he was really worked up about the blackout and what had happened since. He wanted somebody’s head to roll in New Orleans and, if the ’49ers pulled it out, somebody’s in the NFL, too!

For 40 minutes he kept checking with reporters at the game and offered updates of the score. I was now late, but my wife and I had talked some trash with others on the dig and I had to know the final score before getting to breakfast.

“It’s over,” announcer guy said. After a long pause, he added, “and the Ravens held on to win.” I ran to tell my wife at breakfast – and she continued to talk trash the whole rest of the day!

What we didn’t know afterwards in Jordan was that twice during the next 2 weeks, Ravens Coach Craig came to talk with the guys at Helping Up Mission. Pretty humbling thought – after winning the Super Bowl, Coach he wanted to be here and share it with us at HUM.

The only problem was that Coach came to HUM and I wasn’t even there! Guess he wasn’t coming to see me!!!

One Victory at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director