Trust Them to God

Someone close to my wife, Gayle, and me passed away while we were in Jordan.  Not in great health he wasn’t really sick, and at age 57, his death came much too soon.  A believer, he was also an alcoholic who continued to drink. 

He knew the consequences of his choices but he made it clear to those who cared about him that he wanted to continue living as he did.  For our part, we did not enable him but we also chose to accept him and love him as he is.  I prayed for him daily and absolutely trusted him and his sobriety to God.

So he lived the way he wanted and died before his time.  The morning of his passing, he woke up early and, in an unusual way, put some things in order. He got dressed and went outside by himself, again an unusual activity for him.

I don’t know what actually happened that day, but I like to think I have an idea.  I’m supposing that God did answer our prayers and spoke to him that morning.  The LORD gave him the chance, and a little time, to make peace before he passed on.  I am going to assume he took advantage of the opportunity and got things settled with the Almighty before He called him home.

Admittedly, I can’t be sure of this reconstruction of events, but it is consistent with the God I have come to know and trust – especially in answer to the prayers of so many who cared.  I don’t know who you care about, but I know God cares for them even more, and you can trust them into his care, too.

One Life at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director