Bill’s Good Friday

This week in class, guys asked why we call Good Friday “good,” and we had an interesting discussion.  Afterwards, Bill came up to me with a huge smile and shared why Good Friday is especially meaningful to him.

50 years ago, a judge in Gary, Indiana threatented 15-year old Bill with years of institutional living. Given one last chance, on Good Friday 1963, grandma shipped him off to Baltimore with the opportunity to start over.

Not a perfect student, but a good athlete, Bill played football at and gradated from Howard High School. He also attended and played football at Morgan State University and was ultimately drafted by the Washington Redskins in the 1971 NFL draft.

Bill got to play four seasons as a defensive back in the NFL but continued to struggle with life and wound up at Helping Up Mission last year.

Good Friday 1963 was a game-changer for Bill and he has never fogotten it.  That day he was given the chance to do some things differently, even getting to play in the National Football League, and he took advantage of it.  Unfortunately, there were still lots of other things that also needed to change in his life, too.

Bill arrive at Helping Up Mission in December 2012.  Today, Good Friday 2103, he phases up from Alpha to Omega (2nd to 3rd phase) of our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program.  I hope today will become another especially meaningful Good Friday in his life.

Of course the best Good Friday of all was the first one!  It has made all the difference in the world – this one and the next! – for all of us.  Hope you apppreciate today.  Hope you appreciate that first Good Friday most of all.

Happy Good Friday 2013 to you!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director