Passion Week: Day 4 (Wednesday)

The phrase “Passion Week” refers to all the suffering Jesus endured during Easter Week.  While John’s Gospel gives us the start of the week by putting Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on Sunday (thus Palm Sunday), it is Mark’s Gospel that gives us a day-by-day account of that week’s events.

So, it is interesting that Mark is silent about Jesus’ activities on Wednesday of Passion Week (Day 4).  While some have speculated that Jesus needed the rest, I doubt He just hung around the house that day.  Instead, I’m certain He was busy doing things to help people.  After all, He knew this was Passion Week!

If I’m right, that means Jesus was doing lots of good things that day – Silent Wednesday – even though I don’t see them at all. 

For me, this is a wonderful reminder about the everyday spiritual walk.  There are times in my life when I just don’t see what God is doing or I don’t feel like He is taking care of things.  Yet, I just need to get comfortable with the fact that He is there, He cares, He knows what should be done and He will handle it – on budget and on time!

Whatever you are going through this Easter season, please know that Jesus did what He did to help you – to make an eternal difference in your life.  That will happen one day at a time – whether you see it, feel it, like it or not!

Happy Silent Wednesday to you!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director