HUM and Community Partners

In recovery literature, Helping Up Mission is considered a therapeutic community – where staff provides instruction and structure but, at the core, we are just one addict helping another. HUM staff (70% of whom are HUM graduates) can’t do everything, but we want to do the best we can, as effeciently and effectively as possible. 

So we try hard to do things that honor God and help every guy who comes through our doors. Some days we are more successful than others!

Over my 13 years here, we have developed certain priorities and skill sets to accomplish this.  But for all the things we aren’t equipped for or skilled to do, we have tried to find partner agencies in the community who are good at these things.  We have created Memorandums of Understanding with each organization and bring them on our campus to serve our guys.

Today there are dozens of community partners providing educational, vocational, social services, mental and medical health support and anything else that can be of benefit to the men of HUM.  Consequently, our guys receive the best possible care and have the greatest opportunity to start their lives over again.

Thanks to all you out there who are part of the Helping Up Mission family and committed to making an eternal difference in the lives of men looking for hope, answers and empowerment.  And, really, we are just getting started!!

One Man at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director

PS The theme for this year’s Graduation Banquet (4/21) is “Building a Community of Hope” and its happening!