George’s “Holy Crap Moment!”

I recently took a good friend to a meeting about Biblical education for children.  As part of the presentation, one man gave a brief illustrated talk about archaeology and the Tower of Babel. 

What the guy said was interesting but not new information to me.  Yet after he was finished, George leaned over and said to me, “I just had a holy crap moment!”

I really didn’t know what to say!  At a seminar on Biblical education for children, a “holy crap moment” was not something I anticipated hearing.  But that was not the right time to discuss his “illumination” and I had to wait until the program was over to talk.

So, later, he told me about becoming a believer later in life because Jesus made sense and he needed something.  While he had heard about the Tower of Babel, whether it was a real structure and part of a true event or not had never been a consideration.

That day, as he was listening to the archaeological evidence which demonstrated the historical reliability of both the structure and the event, he couldn’t believe it.  There really was a Tower of Babel and that event really did happen.

While I’ve never put it that way before, I think I understand “holy crap moments.”  When God’s Word gets illuminated to me or illuminates something else for me, it is exciting.   

The Bible is God’s Word, it is true and it really can make a difference in our lives today and forever.

One “Holy Crap Moment” at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director