It’s a Miracle!

KP feels like being at Helping Up Mission is a miracle.  After telling me his story I agree.

Two weeks ago he was in another city using drugs with a couple of junkies in his car and he had a severe medical emergency. SOP is for junkies to rob the guy and leave him there to die.  They didn’t.

They called 911, cleaned out all the drugs and paraphanalia, left his keys on the floormat and took off.  Paramedics got to him in time and he would up detoxing in the hospital.  He was lucky to be alive.

As his 7 days of detox ended, the social worker didn’t have any place for KP to go. “Out of the blue” a nurse, who used to work in a different hospital with my wife, tells him about Helping Up Mission, googles it and give him the phone number.

KP’s here now and ready to get started with his recovery.  He told me he has a praying mother.  Think that helped?

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director