Focus on Recovery – Rasheed Savage

Like many guys in Helping Up Mission, Rasheed came from a broken home and struggled with all the chaos that comes along with it.  Like most of the guys here, Sheed also had talent – he was (and still is) a good basketball player!  And like all the HUM guys, drugs and alcohol finally took their toll on his life.

Rasheed knew that times when he had structure in his life, he functioned better – like when he did 6 years in prison.  In fact, later on, Sheed even considered prison the best place for him!  But instead of prison, he was willing to try Helping Up Mission.  That’s worked out pretty well, too!

Today Rasheed is 3 years clean and counting.  He also took this HUM time as an opportunity to follow his aspirations and go back to college.  He’s just about finished his AA degree – while working a full-time job here at HUM.  And, something Rasheed didn’t mention in his story was that he received a promotion and serves as Program Manager at HUM today.

Isn’t it amazing what bright and capable guys can do when they get clean, focused and develop a spiritual connection!

Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director