10 Years and Counting!

Craig came out of an alcohol-induced blackout and found himself running down the hallway of a place he didn’t know. He left the building and, while hiding in the bushes outside, had a moment of clarity! Turns out Craig was in the bushes in North Carolina, but the last thing he remembered that night was drinking at a party in South Carolina.

Before the weekend ended, Craig decided his life was officially out of control – and that was the last weekend he took a drink. On Monday night he told his AA homegroup that he had been perpetrating a fraud for an extended period.

Not too long after that, Craig met a nice lady and started attending church. Next came a sincere committment to the LORD, marriage to that nice lady and children. During this time, there has also been 6 years of small groups, accountability partnerships and ministry.  

Last month Craig celebrated 10 years clean. Last week he came and shared his story with the guys in my class.

Craig has developed a deep and abiding spiritual walk that he freely shares with anyone willing to listen. He’s planning some summer outdoors activities with our guys as a means to accomplish just that.

Man, this Jesus stuff really works!

One Changed Life at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director