HUM’s Got Talent

Before I left for my dig in Israel, we had 2 morning rounds of HUM’s Got Talent in the Chapel with all the guys. There were no losers in our show – just guys willing to get up in front of the rest, share their God-given talents and have a little fun.

There were lots of songs sung and some instrumental music – solo and in groups. There was poetry and some guys just willing to do funny skits that made everyone laugh. It was amazing to see some quiet guys stand up and do something, as well as other guys who had real talent but have hidden it so well, no one would have ever imagined!

Then while I was away we had an evening final round, where others also joined us – including our nightly HUM Overnight Guests. The HUM Board of Directors also showed up and got to see just whose got talent around here!

It was an amazing show. Nobody got booed, everyone was celebrated – first, for their willingness to get up front and share and, second, for their sharing their God-given talent with us all.

Congrats guys, you are HUM and you do have talent!

One guy at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director