Keepin’ it Moving!

Yesterday I had lunch for six Helping Up Mission interns – 3 graduates and 3 undergraduates. All HUM interns are part of our 12-month residential Spiritual Recover Program and were asked to serve in these roles based on their recovery walk, skills and organizational needs. 

While occassionally hired after graduation, most internships don’t lead to a staff position. This responsibility is just about his skills and desire to give back to the organization, as well as our trust in him. It’s also a good resume builder.

These guys have been at HUM for between 8 and 24 months. Jerry’s been here 24 and during that time earned his high school diploma, started college and got a full set of teeth through our dental program.

Roy’s been here 20 months. Yesterday he noted that he probably never would have gotten the new set of teeth he now has without being here. He’s preparing to start college this fall while continuing to serve here.

The third grad in the group had a good career track and lots of skills but his addiction managed to derail it.  Here 18 months, he has procrastinated about college to earn a few necessary certifications for his career. All of us around the table yesterday agreed to hold him accountable to get ‘er done!

Of the three undergrads at lunch yesterday, each had a career plan built on the skills and training they have developed here at HUM. It was an impressive group and an inspiring time for me. This is why I come to work every day. I love my job!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director