Proverb for the Day 2:6 – We Can Have it All

For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

At Helping Up Mission, Wisdom is one of the 26 Character Qualities on which we make a weekly focus.  Our definition of wisdom is “seeing life from God’s point of view.” Such a concept is not only possible, but Proverbs makes clear is readily accessible from God, the supreme source of all wisdom. 

Yet throughout Proverbs, wisdom is regularly and intimately associated with knowledgeand understanding.  While wisdom seems to be “the first among equals,” generally mentioned first in relation to the other two, they are regularly mentioned together.  

Like bananas growing in bunches and grapes in clusters, so knowledge and understanding come along with wisdom.  When we get one, we also have access to the other two (see also 24:3-4). Sounds like a great way to live!