A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The Jewish Museum of Maryland (http://jewishmuseummd.org/) is our neighbor. We’ve been living across the street from each other for decades and have always had a wonderful relationship.

Many of the folks there volunteer time and money to HUM. Our guys regularly shovel their sidewalk when it snows and help when we can. Some of our guys have even worked for them over the years.

So yesterday we took a field trip across the street. The Museum hosted over 60 of our upper classmen for a tour. On the Museum campus, we visited the 3rd oldest standing synagogue in America and a later one that split off from it.

Our docent, Barbara, is a lifelong Baltimorian and shared so much personal history of the museum with us. The guys were interested, asked so many wonderful questions and had a great time.

Up for a field trip?  How about coming to Jonestown in East Baltimore? Visit us at HUM and then walk across the street and tour the Jewish Museum of Maryland!

One Neighbor at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director