KP’s Still Working His Program!

It’s a miracle that KP’s alive today — and he knows it! You can read his story at 

An older guy, he’s done some stuff over the years, including some clean time in the past. He also recognizes that God has done an amazing work in his life — and He’s still working!

It’s not like everything’s fine now. KP has a serioius medical condition due to his years of addiction. But far more important to him, a loved one was recently diagnosed with cancer and is dying. While they’re exploring all the options, the end may be very soon and KP may need to go and take care of things.

But with 4 months clean time, a clear mind and a spiritual focus, he’s established a good network of support. So KP knew where to turn for good advice and he’s been taking care of things –one at a time.

Old KP would have immediately run out the door — but not to try and fix things, just to get high!  That was his way of coping — but not today.

He said this morning that things do not look very promising and haven’t lined up as he would have liked. But KP knows God has brought them this far and he knows God will open the right door for the next thing at just the right time. He said he just needs to continue to live, “Honest, Open and Willing before God one day at a time.”

I don’t know how things are going to work out, but I do know God will do what is good, right and best for all! I also believe KP will do what’s right, too.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director