Proverb for the Day 6:32 — Stupid Me!

But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment, whoever does so destroys himself.

In verses 20-35, Solomon again addresses the issue of immorality (a prostitute :26; another man’s wife :29) with some very pointed comments. This verse says that a man who commits adultery is just not thinking clearly and is making very poor choices.

This bad decision is going to cost him and he has no one to blame but himself — He “destroys himself” And the consequences can be devestating. He get himself in trouble with God, messes up his own relationships and her husband is going to be pretty ticked, too (see :34-35)!

I thank God that I don’t have this sin in my history, but I have done lots of other stupid stuff and had no one to blame, but myself. There’s only one way to come back from such a situation — regardless of the sin. Admit it, deal with it and let it go!