Places in his Head, Places in the ‘Hood!

Brian first arrived at Helping Up Mission in 2003. That was the “old days” at HUM with almost no staff, minimal resources and very inadequate facilities. Brian finished our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program and after graduation moved home with his wife.

Working every day and active in his church, Brian stayed clean for the next six years. But life showed up and eventually wore him down. For the next couple of years he struggled with his addiction and finally this year admitted he needed help.

An alumnus, Brian joined our 6-month Graduate Spiritual Recovery Program. And, while our campus, staff and program have all been enhanced over the past decade, Brian came back here different, too.

This time Brian found himself willing to be much more honest about what was going on in his heart and mind. In counseling sessions he began to share stuff he had never told anyone before – and it gave him a sense of relief. It worked so well that he even went home and shared a bunch of it with his wife!

Brian says he now understands that going certain places in his head are not helpful. And after hanging out there long enough, he knows he will wind up going to certain places in the ‘hood that aren’t helpful, either.

It’s a new day for an old guy and things are changing — from the inside out!

One Place at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director