Ronny’s Here!

Ronny has been at Helping Up Mission for just over 2 weeks. An older, well educated man from another country, alcohol eventually destroyed his career and relationships. According to his family this was the only place left for him to go. 

After arriving here, it was obvious Ronny didn’t want to stay – but there was no place else to go. And it wouldn’t have mattered where he went, because he was mad at everybody.

So this past weekend Ronny just sat still and thought – about his past choices, his present situation and what might happen next. Ronny had a moment of clarity.

He shared all that in class today and I saw and heard more serenity from him than at any time since he arrived. Its just one day – but days turn to weeks, then months and then years. It’s one day at a time and I’m happy for Ronny today!

Just for today,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director