’06 Teddy in ’13!

Teddy stopped by class yesterday. He was here in 2006, sort of a Rastafarian kind of guy with long dreads. He and I struggled with each other at first, but we got to know and understand each other after a couple of weeks and then did fine.

While he was here, Teddy really changed, you could see it in his face and demeanor. Of course, I would like to say that he did all the changing – but I had to make a few attitudinal adjustments, myself!

Teddy did not stay and graduate from our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program. He got a good opportunity in Texas and left.

While he’s kept in touch now and then, when he showed up yesterday I hardly recognized him. His hair was as short as the few I still have left – but Teddy’s smile was absolutely the same!

Frequently guys come back here, want to see me and then ask for something – it just goes with the territory. Teddy stopped in shook hands, hugged, shared a couple of thoughts, smiled real big and then left! It was wonderful to see and hear how well he is doing.

We didn’t get to count Teddy as a graduate – but we do count him as one of our success stories. What really matters is that a guy’s life has changed and it’s our privilege to participate in that process here every day!

It’s Still Working!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director