Proverb for the Day 4:11 — There is a Way…

I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.

This is additional direction from father to son. It begins a series of wise saying about the “way” or “
path” we take in life. While these terms of course meant ancient roadways, it had a figurative meaning of lifestyle or manner of life.

Verse 11 speaks of taking the “way of wisdom” and “straight paths”– the correct way to go through life. The idea is that there are older people (“listen my son” :10) who care about us and can help us go the right way (“I can guide you”).

But we also know there are plenty of people out there who will gladly show us the wrong road (:14-17). In the Bible world, most people didn’t get around that much and there weren’t really that many places to go. If you did travel, there weren’t maps or road signs. There wouldn’t even be that many people on the road and they probably couldn’t tell you much, anyway. Taking the wrong road could be disastrous!

We really need someone who knows the right path and is willing to help us navigate it. The wise saying of Proverbs, and the people who teach them to us, can give us all the help we will need.