Proverb for the Day 24:10 — When the Going Gets Tough…

If you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!

While life was not easy in the Biblical world, they were hearty folks. To “falter” or faint at any time in their world would seem to be a sign of weakness. It would be particularly bad to ‘falter in times of trouble,” when others really needed me to be there and be strong.

But the particular word for “falter” here had a specific meaning – to relax, ignore or be complacent. This “faltering” was a conscious choice to not keep doing what I had been doing! And to “falter in times of trouble” – to get complacent at the point of a crisis – would seem to be almost crazy!

But the second half of the verse helps explain why and how I could find myself “faltering in times of trouble.” It’s my “small strength” that does me in. Not criticism, just a fact.

Actually, the word “trouble” has the same root as “small.” We falter in “trouble” because we have
“troubled” strength! The real problem here is not the “times,” but the “strength” I had not developed. People, places, things or times are not my real problem. It’s all about my and my willingness to do what I need to do day by day. That’s the only way I will be prepared for those coming “times of trouble.”