Regrouped, Ready & Grateful!

Lawrence had over 20 years clean and even spent many years working in the field of recovery. He liked with he did and enjoyed helping people. Life was good.

But Lawrence eventually stopped doing the things that got him clean and kept him clean over those 20 years. It was, of course, the same things he was telling his clients to do. Never a good idea to stop practicing what I preach!

Consequently, Lawrence relapsed and ended up here at Helping Up Mission. Obviously, we didn’t have to give him any new information – he just had to decide to get back to doing what he knew to do, things that worked. In HUM’s safe, accountable and spiritually-focused environment, Lawrence grouped his recovery and offered support to other guys in the program.

While here, Lawrence’s family experienced a devestrating tragedy. He continued to practice what he knew to do and God sustained him, even using him to encourage other family members. Lawrence was so grateful to be at HUM at this most difficult time in his life.

He graduated last Friday and is now ready to get back to work in the community. I’m not certain what it is that Lawrence will do next, but I do know how he will be successful…One Day at a Time!

Me, too!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director