Jerry’s God of the Second Chance!

Jerry graduated from our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program earlier this year. He had a good job at one of the local hospitals, lived in our graduate transitional housing on campus and was thriving in his recovery.

But there was an illness in his family in another state and Jerry felt  he should go home to help out. While neither the hospital staff nor the HUM staff wanted him to go, we all understood his feelings.

So Jerry went home and spent a short but meaningful time with his loved one until he passed away. Jerry decided to stay there and find a job, but it’s a depressed part of the country and he couldn’t find work. He applied for public assistance and that didn’t come through. His family in the area wasn’t supportive of his recovery lifestyle and Jerry got depressed. You know what happened next!

With not a single good reason in the world to stay there even one more day, Jerry decided to come back to Helping Up Mission. He arrived last week and joined our 6-month Graduate Spiritual Recovery Program.

Jerry is so relieved to be back. You can see it on his face, but he’s also telling everyone! I think the hospital wants him back, too, when he is eligible to return to work.

It’s a great thing. The God of the Bible is the God of the Second Chance!

Still One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director