Proverb for the Day 11:4 — Righteousness & Stuff!

Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.

We generally think that money and things are the answers to all our problems, and certainly they can make a big difference much of the time. But, in the end (“the day of wrath”), we will find that they are absolutely useless. Most of us have had enough life experience already, to understand the truth of this first line of the proverb.

On the other hand, living and walking in “righteousness” will ultimately deliver us in the end (“from death”). But, even better than that, living righteously also sets us up for daily help and support now.

The best way I know HOW to practice this “righteousness” is to learn how to live Honest, Open and Willing (HOW). That means being Honest with God about where I really am today; Open to what He is saying to me through circumstances today; and Willing to step out and attempt to do what I think He wants me to do now.

Even if I get part of this wrong at first, having an Honest, Open and Willing mindset will make it simple for God to get my attention and redirect me accordingly. Now that’s what I can righteous living!