Lamar Had a Bad Trip!

Lamar’s an alcoholic and was at Helping Up Mission during the summer. Unfortunately, there was a death in his family, out of state, and felt the need to go there and take care of things.

Really to no one’s surprise, Lamar began drinking while still in route to the funeral. He did hold it together for a bit, but eventually he got back to his old ways.

In his alcoholism, Lamar was having blackouts and would not know where he had been or what he had done during that period. The last straw for him was when he began drinking in Connecticut, blacked out and woke up in Texas! That one really scared him.

So Lamar came back to Baltimore two weeks ago to return to Helping Up Mission. He knew recovery worked for him here, but was ashamed to come back in such sad shape and was afraid he might not be accepted. So Lamar spent those weeks drinking some more!

Finally manning-up, Lamar entered our doors on Monday. When I saw him, he had a big smile – a smile of relief and hope. He knows what to expect and what to do. He also knows how it works…

…One Day at a Time!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director