Proverb for the Day 7:4 — Ladies in Our Lives!

Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call understanding your kinsman;

This entire chapter is Solomon’s message to his son (:1). It’s guy talk about girls! While dad’s focus is on staying away from immoral women, he begins by pointing out the importance of some other ladies in our lives.

In this verse Solomon once again refers to “wisdom” and “understanding” in the feminine – like Lady Wisdom and Lady Understanding (“kinsman” is actually in the feminine; see also 4:5-7). His advice is to keep these ladies close, like family. They will help steer us away from all the heartache and mess ups associated with the adulteress and wayward wife (:5).

Connecting “wisdom” and “understanding” is a common theme in Proverbs (see 2:2, 6; 3:13, 19; 4:5, 7; 7:4; 8:1; 9:10; 16:16; 19:8; 24:3). The good news for us it that when we get hooked up with one, the other comes along, too – like bananas come in a bunch or grapes in a cluster.

When we are connected to wisdom (“seeing life from God’s point of view”) we will also have access to understanding (“realizing how right choices lead to a meaningful life”). Learning to practice one of these character qualities just naturally brings the other quality into our lives, as well.

Widsom and Understanding – a couple of great ladies to know. And this is a great way to live!