“I’m Homeless” — “You Are Not!”

This was the first holiday that 21-year old JP spent with his family in a few years. After 6 months at Helping Up Mission, he wanted to join the family this Thanksgiving – and his family actually wanted him there, too!

As it turned out, JP couldn’t get to their house until Saturday. When he arrived he realized that much of the extended family had rearranged their Thanksgivings to be at the house when he was, as well!

JP felt good and looked good. Everyone was excited for him. Dad even called him “son” again.

But as JP shared about his weekend with us in class on Monday, he also shared an interesting exchange he had with his father. JP noted that he was 21 years old and “homeless.” Dad pointed out that he wasn’t “homeless,” to which JP replied, “I don’t have my own place and I live at Helping Up Mission. I’m homeless.”

“But we’re your family,” dad countered, “and we have a home.”

“Yes,” JP replied, “but I don’t live here – I’m homeless.”

“If we have a home, you’re not homeless,” dad reiterated.

“You mean, if I get kicked out of HUM, I can come back and live here with you?” JP asked.

“No, you can’t,” dad said. “But you’re still not homeless!”

Not sure he had won the argument at all, JP still felt pretty good about it. He was comfortable about admitting where he was in his life right now. It was also nice to feel a little bit of the old guy’s love and care for him again.

Happy Thanksgiving to JP & His Family!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director