Proverb for the Day 5:4 – After Messing Around with Her…

…but in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword.

While the words of an adulteress woman are sweet as honey and smooth as oil (5:3), the aftermath of a relationship with her will not be pleasant. “Gall” was supposed to be a helpful substance in the ancient world, but was hard to appreciate because of its bitter taste. Gall wouldn’t kill you, but it might make you wish it did!

A “double-edged sword” was designed with a point on the tip to poke people. But both sides of the blade were also sharpened for cutting and slashing. It was about as formidable a weapon as was known in Solomon’s time. A double-edged sword could cause much pain and regularly caused death in battle.

Messing with this immoral woman (3:3) will not end well for a guy. Whatever moments of pleasure he might have, “in the end” it will be bitter and painful. Better listen up, boys!